About Us

We are dedicated to bringing new technologies developed by university & government labs to the public sector. We do this by partnering with select professionals to launch technology-based companies.

Over the last several decades, our top managers have been highly successful at investing in start-up companies, taking them public, negotiating mergers, attracting strategic partnerships, closing acquisitions, and acquiring multi-million dollar lines of credit.

Our company is successful because we leverage the collective resources of our teams to mitigate risks, make intelligent business decisions and develop strategic plans.

Our professional business team is comprised of industrial engineers, IT specialists, MBA’s, financial experts, product launch specialists and business partners that have specialized knowledge.

Our team collaborates with intense focus and commitment to launch new academic products. We work with professionals to select disruptive university technologies and launch business strategies that have been proven to work.

What our partners like most is the one-on-one business support. You see, when you launch your technology company with us, you’re never alone. Instead, you inherit our large team of expert authorities and we hand-hold you each step of the way.