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Plasma In New Scientist

 Also available in plasma (Image: Nick Daly/Getty) Glow-in-the-dark trucks use plasma to reduce drag and save fuel Click here for original release: YOU’RE driving down the motorway at night when you pass a truck that’s glowing purple. Don’t worry, it isn’t leaking toxic chemicals: it just has a clever way of reducing drag by using…
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Beauty trends in Israel: personalisation

Beauty trends in Israel: personalisation Beauty Code Genetics Inc. established in 2018, provides a personalised color cosmetic matching service. This technology links commercially available color cosmetics to the consumer’s genetic code. The venture is based on the know-how of Professor Karl Skorecki, who is an expert in the field of Population Genetics and DNA Signatures.…
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Ceramic injection-molding technology

Ceramic injection-molding technology produces cheaper, stronger complex ceramic parts Cars, rockets, cell phones and many other items could soon be manufactured faster, greener, less expensively and with more precision than traditional methods thanks to a ceramic engineering company commercializing a Purdue innovation. Scientific Ceramic Engineering has licensed a Purdue ceramic injection-molding technology that utilizes room…
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