Here’s Just A Few Of Our Game-Changer Inventions

Next Generation Disruptive Technologies From

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The University of Notre Dame has developed Plasma Stream, an active flow control system with plasma actuators which maximizes transportation fuel efficiency. This new system is capable of generating a body force which controls flow separation from a vehicle. By controlling airflow separation the drag force on a vehicle is minimized. Using Plasma Stream, a transport vehicle can be aerodynamically streamlined independent of its actual body shape. “Semi-trucks” and other big transportation vehicles traditionally have used physical parts such as spoilers, bobtails, flow plates, and diverter tabs to move airflow in a desired direction. The problem is this method adds
weight. Instead, using Plasma Stream, plasma actuators ionize localized airflow to induce a similar effect without the added structural parts or weight.

Key Benefits:
Reducing fuel costs drastically add profits to a company’s bottom line.
Less wind drag affecting a semi-truck or transportation vehicle fuel efficiency will be improved.
Less horsepower will be required under the same trip conditions.

IMG_0121 (1)

Partners – Jason and Pranay on their way to Notre Dame Univ. with Corey

Corey and a partner on the way to Notre Dame Univ. with investors and an industry partner.

Corey and a partner on the way to Notre Dame Univ. with investors and an industry partner.

Video of Dr. Corke and Plasma Stream at Notre Dame.

Visit www.plasmastreamtech.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.

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Titan Brick, an eco-friendly building material, was developed in partnership with the University of Florida: School of Design, Construction, & Planning (Est. 1925).  Titan Brick technology brings a new concept in building. Developers engineered a way to manufacture the common brick using less energy by using cost-efficient and ubiquitous raw materials.
brick white background
Key Benefits:

  • Comprised of 90% dirt yet 2 1/2 times stronger than traditional concrete blocks.
  • Withstands sustained Hurricane 5 Gale Force Winds (Tested & Confirmed in U.S. Department of Energy; Oakridge Laboratory Certified Wind Tunnels).
  • Withstands sustained F4 tornadoes 207 – 260 winds. (Tested & Confirmed in U.S. Department of Energy: Oakridge Laboratory Certified Wind Tunnels).
  • Builders can potentially make 30% to 64% more profit and receive substantial tax credits on every build.
  • Engineers tested & concluded Titan Brick can potentially provide 50% to 60% energy savings over traditional bricks.
  • Mold resistant; drastically improves inside air quality.
  • Fire proof, Termite proof, and Mildew proof.
  • Significantly lower capex compared to clay bricks.
  • Non-toxic; made from sustainable & recycled materials.
  • Uses flexible synthetic rubber adhesive to join materials. Results in faster, less-costly and superior hold to mortar.
  • $70,000 in R & D resulted in a brick with superior properties, unique integrity composites, and exceptionally green & sustainable.

Visit www.titanbrick.com website to learn more about this disruptive building technology.


The Product Category:  Manufacturing
The Product: Hybrid Laser Cutting Tool
The Benefits: Titanium Laser is a machining process capable of increasing material removal rates when machining Titanium, Ceramic and its alloys. The process includes heating a portion of a work piece with a laser beam, Cryogenic-Cooling a cutting tool with a Cryogenic fluid; WITHOUT flowing the Cryogenic fluid onto the work piece. Then, machining the heated portion of the work piece with the cutting tool.
The Cryogenic fluid is then circulated around the cutting tool to achieve a temperature differential between the work piece and the cutting tool. A temperature differential that is capable of improving removal rates and extending tool life at cutting speeds of above 100 m/min.

laser cutting tool

Visit www.titaniumlaser.com to learn more about this disruptive manufacturing technology. Call to request access to the password-protected investor site.


The Product Category:  Agriculture & Forestry
The Product: Amino Acid Regulators
The Benefit: Drastically increases plant growth by enabling the maximum plant cell wall uptake & absorption of NITROGEN.
The Research: Researchers at a major university in the United States have dramatically improved a plant’s nitrogen absorption by regulating amino acid sensors. They were able to alter the plant, resulting in a major increase in plant size, and it is not considered genetic modification by the government.

One of the primary methods of increasing yield is the efficient application of nitrogen. Testing has resulted in an almost 300% biomass increase and over a 60% increase in root length.

large crops

Visit www.newcropscience.com to learn more about this Technology. Call to request access to the password-protected investor site.

SBH Biofuel Systems Inc.


The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a federal program originated by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It mandates all transportation fuel sold in the U.S. to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels. There’s a big market to serve as recent reports show US drivers are consuming 350 to 450 million gallons of gasdaily in 2015. Subsequently, this requires 850,000 – 950,000 barrels of ethanol a day to meet this federal requirement.

SBH Biofuel Systems Inc. technology has developed an innovative process that will more than double the current economic value of soybean hull. Using our process, a ton of soybean hulls can produce up to eighty five gallons of ethanol. This will meet the current requirement for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2007.

Key Benefits:

  • Ethanol producers will have the ability to generate up to 450 million gallons of ethanol annually. This still leaves up to 2 million tons of high protein (>25%) animal feed by-product to be sold to farmers.
  • The Biofuel industry will be able to meet EPA transportation fuel requirements.
  • Allow farmers worldwide to meet their livestock feed requirements

Visit www.sbhbiofuelcom to learn more about this disruptive technology.

Thermo-Flex Technologies


In the U.S. 57% of energy consumption is wasted. And 60% of wasted heat is expelled in low-temperature streams (<250 °C). For the Industrial sector specifically, this accounts for one-­third of fossil­ fuel­ related greenhouse gas emissions.

Until now, no technology has been successfully marketed for low temperature streams (<250 °C). Thermo-Flex Technologies has now commercialized a Thermoelectric Textile that will universally integrate with current industrial or commercial sources of wasted heat through simple wrapping—like insulation.

There are a myriad of areas where low-temperature heat waste can be collected and converted to electricity. One area with great financial opportunity is with wireless sensor technology. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that Wireless Sensor Networks can improve overall production efficiency by 11 to 18% using this technology.

This technology has three primary capabilities. It can be: 1.) An accessible source of waste heat. 2.) A recovery technology 3.) A use for the recovered energy.

Key Benefits:

  • Harnesses wasted heat to generate electricity.
  • Improves energy efficiency and to realize cost savings.
  • Builds a cleaner environment for humanity.
  • Enables companies to become emissions-­free.
  • Build a less­ costly energy resource.
  • Economical in regards to current textile and printing manufacturing.
  • Provides localized power to a wide array of sensors that could be incorporated into a network used to monitor system efficiency and environmental conditions

Visit www.thermoflextech.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.57.44 AMName:  PATIENT CODE SOFTWARE, INC. 
Official Site: www.patientcodesoftware.com/  

OverviewPatient Code, a decision support application, brings past and potential diagnoses to the forefront, allowing physicians to provide the highest quality of care from a holistic point of view. Evidence-based results are available to the provider in one location allowing for seamless and uninterrupted documentation of all relevant diagnoses. Data points, both historical and recent, are available for review at the time of initial documentation, decreasing the provider spent on the computer while increasing time available for patient:

  • Lab Results
  • Radiology Reportsdoctors
  • EKG Reports
  • Echocardiogram Reports
  • Other Clinical Data

Patient Code is not a stand-alone system. It may be easily integrated with any major EHR system already in use by a hospital:

  • Cerner/Siemens
  • Epic
  • Meditech
  • Next Gen
  • AthenaHospitals may customize the weight given to specific data points as well as which data the software accesses. This flexibility makes it easier for each hospital to adjust the tool to their unique needs and presentation.Visit www.patientcodesoftware.com to learn more about this technology.


advanced muscle logo



University of California Davis researchers have developed a nutritional performance enhancement supplement disrupting the sports & fitness industry because it drastically increases the rate of muscle mass growth without having to give up typical exercise & dietary protocols and strategies such as cardio workouts, eating less, or choosing between resistance training vs. long endurance training.

This safe new way dramatically increases muscle growth by suppressing a specific molecule located in every muscle fiber. By achieving these muscle gains without having to sacrifice cardiovascular training, athletes can strengthened their endurance capacity and cardiovascular capacity during muscle mass resistance training.

muscle woman

Key Benefits

Certified university tests resulted in 80% muscle mass gains vs. 10% typical gains from Creatine; a popular performance enhancing supplement with bodybuilders and athletes. Recent assay results identified 46 high potential ingredients that inhibit the identified protein molecule. All ingredients are natural. Therefore, the supplement is qualified to be classified as a Nutraceutical. Due to the classification Advanced Muscle Technologies, Inc. products will not be FDA regulated.

Visit www.advancedmuscletech.com the website to learn more about this disruptive sport & fitness supplemental technology.

Intelli-link Router Technologies, INC.


Intelli-link router technologies will pioneer the next great expansion of the web worldwide by solving Internet caching problems caused by the exponential growth of the Internet. Today, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) networks are experiencing the increased burden of information on the Internet backbone, networked routers, and their Internet servers. This causes problems in information accuracy, operating efficiency, and web traffic performance.
Intelli-link Router Technologies, Inc., has developed an intelligent caching system. It uses continually updated algorithms to process global data traffic faster and more efficiently by caching-routing forwarding table entries and managing Forwarding Information Base (FIB) size through minimal non-overlapping prefixes and other methods.

Key Benefits

  • Free up 94.64% of FIB memory size avoiding costly upgrades.
  • Tested and achieved a hit ratio higher than 99.95% using a cache size of just 20K prefixes on a routing table of 372K prefixes.
  • Drastically increases performance with higher hit ratio.
  • ISPs can now enables faster growth and more web traffic.
  • Create more capacity with current hardware.
  • Decrease or eliminate need to upgrading routers.
  • Extend life of expensive line card memory modules
  • Reduces power usage.

Visit http://intelliroutertech.com/ to learn more about this Technology. Call to request access to the password-protected investor site.



Predictive Aviation Analytics software helps airlines avoid catastrophic crashes and imminent breakdowns saving passenger lives, improving airplane performance, and helps maintain on-time schedules. Aircraft electronic failures cause flight delays, diverts, and flight cancellations.

Predictive Aviation Analytics is the solution to this $40 billion annual problem. It is next generation disruptive technology because it immediately collects all in-flight sensor data plus Flight Data Recorder (FDR) information and analyzes all data post-flight whereas current antiquated systems flag problems only if a certain value exceeds a pre-programmed threshold.

It is considered intelligent software because it uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to enable the computer to “learn” from repeated usage, what is normal, and what is a high probability component failure potentially saves airlines thousands of dollars daily including millions in legal liability claims if a disaster occurs.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces maintenance costs and reduces Cutting Controllable Maintenance delays by up to 42%.
  • In tests, Predictive Aviation Analytics diagnosed more potential problems then current maintenance systems by up to 70% using only 1.33% of available in-flight data.
  • No expensive avionics hardware installation necessary.
  • In-flight data is sent conveniently via mobile devices and uploaded onto central command servers via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, cellular networks, or satellite.
  • Reports pilot practices that may lead to engine or structural problems.
  • Reduces repair time by reducing traditional diagnostic.
  • Increases safety by reducing air emergencies through advanced notification.

Visit http://predictiveaviation.com/ website to learn more about this technology.


The Product Category:  Building Materials
The Product: Adhesives for wood composite products
The Benefit: Lowers costs due to the manufacturing of a lighter wood panel boards used for construction & building.
The Research: This technology produces high quality composite wood materials by incorporating the use of novel adhesives into the manufacturing processes.

This innovation improves wood adhesive composition for various wood composite products, including: oriented strand board (OSB), particleboard, and fiberboard. Our technology reinforces non-continuous glue with the capability for formaldehyde-free adhesive formulation.

Visit www.Nanoadhesivetech.com to learn more about this disruptive building & construction technology. Call to request access to the password-protected investor site.


The Product Category:  Paint Supplies
The Product: Paint Can Sealer
The Benefit: No More Messy Paint Jobs. One Punch Seals Paint Cans Tightly.
The Research: The University of North Dakota has developed an ingenious device. If you have painted a room you know the frustration of spilled paint everywhere. On your shoes, clothes, carpet, etc… Plus, the added costs from wasted paint.

Visit www.paintcansealer.com to learn more about this new invention. Call to request access to the password-protected investor site.



Mining and oil drilling is a very costly endeavor because drills require expensive drill bits. And drill bits break frequently. The drilling industry simply sees this as an “inherit problem” because after decades of using the same inferior drilling bits (made from tungsten carbonite), they have had no alternative…until now. Our drill bits are 800x times more wear resistant because we fuse DIAMONDS, nickel, aluminum and other metals at the MOLECULAR level. The integration of diamonds at the molecular level results in maximum drilling sharpness and maximum cutting strength during the drilling process – even at 800° C.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the overall cost of drilling bits; fewer bits are purchased.
  • Increased reliability of bits as they perform faster and more dependably in all strata.
  • Saves on manpower and increases safety as drill bits need changing less often.
  • Cuts faster as bits stays sharper longer.
  • Lasts 5-30 times longer than existing bit technology.
  • Superior to embedded diamond tip drills.

Visit www.iddrillingsolutions.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.

Enhanced Nano Composites Inc.


Carbon Nanotubes are cylinder-like tubes, made entirely of carbon, and used to manufacture  laminated composite structures. Imagine a honeycomb. Now, roll the honeycomb into a cylinder and you have imagined a large-scale nanotube. And because of this design, Carbon nanotubes are very strong, in fact, 200 times stronger than steel.

In fact, Carbon Nanotubes have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material known to mankind. They also posses good mechanical, electrical and thermal properties which enables them to have 100 times more electric current than copper.

Due to their unique properties Carbon Nanotubes can be used in many applications such as: nanomedicine, electronics, architecture, sports equipment and many other industries.

Key Benefits:

  •     Cost effective
  •     Increases ultimate tensile strength by 72%
  •     Increases toughness by 124%
  •     Increases elastic modulus by 59%
  •     Less CNT filler loading
  •     Environmentally friendly
  •     Ease of production – into bulk

Visit www.enhancednanocomposites.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.

Safety Spray Innovations


Between 1990 and 2006, emergency rooms treated about 267,269 children (under 6) for household cleaner poisoning. A 2010 Nationwide Children’s study found spray bottles injured children more than any other poison source.

What can parents do to protect their children? Safety Spray Innovations uses a unique Safety Spray grip on all spray bottles. The bottle simply requires the user to depress two levers: One at the palm of the hand, the other at the trigger.

While it’s easy for adults operate children lack the coordination, hand size, and cognitive skills to activate the spray.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces child poisoning from toxic cleaners and other chemicals stored in spray bottles.
  • Child resistant yet senior friendly to operate.
  • Safety. Requires the user to depress two levers to open.

Visit www.safetysprayinnovations.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.

Universal Screwdriver


Universal Screwdriver takes the guesswork and frustration out of matching a screwdriver tool with it’s complementary “driver head” or “bit”. Today’s screwdrivers come with hundreds of driver head options to turn a screw. The problem is that finding the matching screwdriver with the right head is like putting together a puzzle where one keeps trying to fit a piece until a match is found.

Now there is a smarter more time-efficient way. Universal Screwdriver uses a two piece system; a metal head + a rubber tip. The final design of the Universal Screwdriver metal head is an intelligent composite of the most common geometrical shapes by leading screwdriver brands and screwdriver types such as: Phillips, Torx, hex, and flat geometries.

Having screwdriver in contact with all screw “torque points” is the key to easily turning screws. Universal Screwdriver has a unique polyurethane rubber tip that ensures maximum contact with as many screw head geometries and “torque points” as possible.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves time by eliminating the task of searching through hundreds of screw heads or bits to find the right fit.
  • Saves money by avoiding the purchase of hundreds of screw head kits.
  • Polyurethane rubber does NOT provide any additional torque points until screw size 4 to not interfere with small slotted screws.
  • Polyurethane rubber allows for more torque points for screw sizes above 4.

Visit  universalscrewdriver.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.